Will Preventive Dentistry Benefit Me In Pearl, MS?

a dental patient undergoing a teeth cleaning procedure, with dental tools in her mouth, for her preventative dentistry needs.

It can be easy to forget that what happens in the mouth can affect the whole body. Take gum disease, for instance. Gum disease is a type of infection. If the infection persists without being treated, it can affect the person holistically, including their cardiovascular system. In fact, unmanaged gum disease has been linked to both increased risk of heart attacks and stroke.

The easiest way to ensure that a person’s mouth is as healthy as possible, is treating them with preventive dentistry in Pearl, MS. When people go to see a family dentist for a preventive dentistry procedure, they get first-line oral care and defense that can support their overall well-being. Here are the many ways that preventative dentistry can benefit a patient’s smile:


Preventative Dentistry Keeps Teeth And Gums Cleaner

People should definitely be brushing and flossing their teeth at least twice a day. However, even with a consistent at-home oral care routine, some people cannot avoid some additional tartar and plaque buildup.

Preventive dentistry visits almost always include teeth cleanings. These cleanings involve the removal of any plaque buildups and bacteria, as well as polishing their teeth. The cleanings are comfortable, efficient, and they reward the patient with a sparkling smile that they will be happy to share.

Preventative Dentistry Detects And Remedies Oral Problems Sooner

During preventive dentistry appointments, the family dentist and other team members will examine the patient for any signs of tooth decay, oral cancer, or other issues. Sometimes, digital x-rays are taken to give the family dentist a more comprehensive view of all the soft and hard structures of the patient’s mouth, like their jawbone and teeth.

It is always better to detect potential dental problems earlier rather than later so they can be addressed immediately. For example, if the family dentist notices that patient has the beginnings of gingivitis, they can take steps to lower the likelihood of the gingivitis progressing to more severe periodontitis.

You Can Initiate Discussions About Your Dental Goals During A Preventative Dentistry Procedure

Dreaming of a straighter smile? Want to replace missing or failing teeth with dental implants? Preventive dentistry visits can present the perfect opportunity to talk about these possibilities with a skilled family dentist. In some cases, the family dentist may be able to help the patient reach their smile goals.


Go See A Family Dentist For Preventive Dentistry In Pearl, MS

When it comes to feeling more confident about your oral and overall health, you can trust preventive dentistry methods to give you a sense of self-assurance regarding the state of your teeth and gums.

Need someone to provide you and your family with preventive dentistry? You should come to our caring and advanced office. Get in contact with Dr. Joe Collins II and our exceptional team at our Key Dental Group office to schedule an appointment with us today!

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