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Dr. Funches explains her experience with Key Dental Group - "The Orthodontic Option that gave me a Beautiful Smile in Just Six Months!"

Class reunions. Family reunions. Weddings. They’re all occasions where you want to look your best. If your teeth are crooked, you may not be looking forward to meeting all those people you haven’t seen in so long. You may be dreading the unavoidable photos. Traditional braces usually take up to 18 months. You don’t have that kind of time! You can still have beautifully straight teeth beforehand, though, thanks to a different type of braces. People just like you are experiencing amazing results with Six Month Smiles® in Madison and Pearl, MS. With a little preplanning you’ll actually look forward to your special event!

Smile Like You Mean It

Six Month Smiles protocol was designed to be discreet during treatment. Instead of metal brackets and wires, it uses clear brackets and wires that closely match the color of your teeth. There’s nothing to feel self-conscious about. Six Months Smiles is the perfect solution for patients ages 16 and up who want straighter teeth. Teenagers certainly won’t miss the social drawbacks of braces. Six Month Smiles puts the focus on your front teeth, known as the “smile zone,” instead of your full mouth. This is why it works more quickly and is available at a lower cost than standard braces. Six Month Smiles also provides health benefits, as straighter teeth are easier to maintain than crooked ones.

Why Six Month Smiles?

Subtle, Reliable Solutions

Six Month Smiles isn’t your only discreet option. We can offer you full-mouth treatment with ClearCorrect in Madison and Pearl, MS. This type of clear orthodontics offers you all of the same benefits of traditional braces through transparent aligners instead of metal brackets and wires. Between Six Month Smiles and ClearCorrect, we can get your smile beautifully aligned and ready for the world! Rely on the Key Dental Group team, highly trained and experienced in cosmetic dentistry, to make your smile look its best.

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Nearly Invisible Orthodontics that Straighten your Teeth Fast!

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The Benefits of Braces, Without the Wait

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