Regain a Strong, Confident, Gap-Free Smile

Healthy Teeth, Inside and Out

The crown of your tooth—the part above the gumline—is what enables you to eat meals and form words. The roots below can be strong but the crowns unhealthy at the same time. When this happens, we only have to replace part of your tooth. If your natural crowns decay, we can reinforce those teeth and restore your chewing strength with new dental crowns. If several adjacent teeth are affected, we can do the same with dental bridges. Whether you need a root canal, dental implants or something else, count on Key Dental Group to restore your smile—and self-confidence—with dental crowns in Madison and Pearl, MS.

With exceptional skill and advanced dental technology, our team is often able to provide temporary crowns the same day you have other treatments. If you need only crowns, we’ll get your precise specifications for dental crowns or dental bridges during one appointment and place the final, customized ones during the next. Whichever you need, you’ll find they fit you perfectly and match the shade, shape, and size of their surrounding teeth. They’ll enable you to enjoy the function and beauty of a full smile once again. Most of our patients are candidates for one, the other, or both of them.

The Benefits
of IV Sedation

What Are Dental Crowns?

Sometimes called caps, crowns are single artificial teeth minus the roots. Crowns are constructed from durable, shiny materials that mirror the look and feel of natural tooth enamel. If you lose a large part of a tooth either to decay or trauma, we can reestablish its strength and esthetics using a crown. Crowns fit right over the top of the roots from an existing tooth. We customize dental crowns in Madison and Pearl, MS to rebuild and enhance your smile.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are made up of at least two crowns connected in a series that resembles natural adjacent teeth. We anchor dental crowns at each end of the bridge to your existing teeth or to dental implants. This creates a bridge over the section of gums where you’re missing teeth. Just like individual crowns, we’ll customize your bridges to fit and closely match the color of your neighboring teeth.

Wear Your Smile Proudly Again

These dental appliances make it possible.

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