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General dentistry is one of the most important kinds of dentistry—because everyone needs it. As a practice with highly skilled general dentists and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon on staff, we’re able to provide dental care for your entire family. That includes a wide range of services, from routine preventive maintenance to complex surgical procedures, all in our convenient locations. We also treat both the health and esthetic aspects of your smile. We want you to feel good and look the way you want to look. Count on Key Dental Group to elevate your quality of life with high-quality general dentistry in Madison and Pearl, MS.

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In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth as directed, it’s important that you visit our office for regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings. These enable us to keep you free of the bacteria that’s responsible for so many dental health problems as well as detect and address any emerging issues at an early stage.

As both dental professionals and parents we fully understand that our youngest patients need extra assurance during dental visits. They’ll get it here. We take a gentle, compassionate approach with children to make them feel comfortable throughout their visits, whether they’re here for a routine appointment or a special treatment.

If you grind your teeth, whether consciously or not, you will gradually wear down your tooth enamel and may even develop further complications. We can lessen your discomfort and minimize the effects of your teeth grinding by providing a custom-fitted night guard.

We use exams not only to identify dental issues but to look for signs of potentially serious diseases. If you’ve had a dentist check the underside of your tongue or palpate your neck, you’ve had an oral pathology exam. These are crucial to early detection and treatment of conditions including oral cancer.

Tooth misalignment can cause eating and speaking difficulties as well as wear down your teeth. If left untreated, your misaligned teeth can become broken. We’re often able to realign teeth simply by removing a small portion of enamel from specific teeth to make them even in size!

Sleep apnea is more than snoring; you actually stop breathing multiple times every night. This results in a poor quality of sleep that can cause chronic daytime tiredness and even heart issues. We’ll fit you with a customized mouth guard that will shift your jaw slightly forward while you sleep to prevent your airway from becoming obstructed.

Composite fillings offer a significant advantage over conventional metal fillings. We use them not only to repair a tooth after a cavity but also to make your smile seamless. Composite fillings, sometimes called tooth-colored fillings or white fillings, match the shade of your teeth so they don’t show through the enamel!

Dentures are a trusted and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. What’s more, over time they’ve evolved to be a more comfortable and natural-looking solution. Our team offers full dentures and partials to suit your needs.

Snap-On-Smile is ideal if you have gapped, crooked or missing teeth and are unable to get dental implants or bridges. With this treatment we don’t need to perform a surgical procedure to change the appearance of your teeth. Instead, we snap a provisional appliance onto the applicable arch of teeth to conceal those smile flaws.

These are like fillings that we use to rebuild and reinforce the outside of your teeth instead of resorting to placing new crowns. We can customize them to match the exact shape, size, and structure of each tooth. Inlays repair the center of your tooth while onlays cover a larger area that includes at least one cusp.

Popping sounds from your jaw, jaw pain, and other symptoms throughout your head and neck can indicate a TMJ disorder. This often suggests that your jaw is under stress, whether due to physical or emotional issues or both. Using mouth guards and other therapies we can cause your jaw muscles to relax and alleviate your discomfort and other symptoms.

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