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Expertise Makes Extractions Easier

Tooth pain can occasionally be so severe that you have trouble eating, sleeping, and even just concentrating. Sometimes, a filling may fix your tooth and enable you to function normally again. In cases of severe decay or damage, this may not be adequate. The Key Dental Group team always does everything possible to save a natural tooth. When we’re unable to, we generally recommend an extraction. The good news is that we’re your home for tooth extractions in Madison and Pearl, MS for two very important reasons.


First, we have a highly experienced and credentialed oral and maxillofacial surgeon on staff. He specializes in tooth extractions. After dental school, he completed four additional years of advanced training during an oral and maxillofacial surgery residency. He can handle even the most complex cases and is licensed to personally administer IV sedation for your comfort. Second, we can restore your smile the very same day with dental implants. Implants look, feel, and perform just like real teeth. They also protect your dental health for the long-term. If you need any related procedures, e.g., bone grafting, we can also provide them right here.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Not all teeth that we extract need to be replaced. Wisdom teeth, which generally come in during our late teens or early 20s, fall into this category. That doesn’t make them any less painful or their removal any less urgent, however. When your wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, fail to erupt fully through the gum, or don’t erupt at all, they’re considered impacted teeth. Extraction is the most common and effective treatment.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause you a lot of pain and also make brushing and flossing difficult due to their position. As a result, these teeth can easily succumb to decay and/or cause otherwise healthy adjacent molars to grow crooked and become infected. We provide wisdom tooth extractions as part of our comprehensive oral surgery and other dental health services. You don’t have to suffer from painful, problematic teeth. Put them in the hands of our specialist.

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Rid Yourself of Problem Teeth

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