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A complete, attractive, confident smile requires healthy jaws. As the foundation of your smile, your jawbone both keep your teeth secure and help define your facial appearance. Tooth loss can lead to jawbone loss, which can in turn then cause more tooth loss. The result is a sunken, aged facial appearance. But there is a solution that will enable you to get back both your teeth and your distinctive facial shape. Key Dental Group can restore your bone through bone grafting in Madison and Pearl, MS. This revolutionary technique relies on bone material from your own body or a suitable organic donor source.

With the expertise of an in-house oral and maxillofacial surgeon, we can handle even the most severe, complex cases of jawbone loss. This includes four years of additional advanced training beyond dental school and a specialization in oral and maxillofacial treatments. Equipped with extensive skills and experience, our team can qualify you for dental implants through multiple bone grafting options. By placing bone material in areas where the original bone has receded, we catalyze the bone to regrow itself. After a time, it will regain the strength and shape it once had.

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What Bone Grafting Can Give You

This procedure has many benefits:

Select Bone Grafting Services

Some grafting procedures have specialized applications, as you will see below. All restore your bone volume and strength.

Our team may perform a ridge augmentation to return your bone to its natural shape, structure, and appearance after you’ve had a tooth extraction. This way we restore your jawbone health and function while also making you look like you once again!

If you lose bone mass in your upper jaw (maxilla), you may develop a complication that bone loss in the lower jaw doesn’t cause. The maxilla supports sinus cavities. If that bone recedes, the sinus cavity floor can collapse. With a sinus lift, our team carefully elevates the sinus floor and fills the gap beneath with bone graft material to put your sinus back in place.

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Decayed Jawbone Isn’t Gone for Good

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