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Emergency Care

Compassionate, Time-Sensitive Dentistry

When you experience dental emergencies in Madison and Pearl, MS, the Key Dental Group team is just a phone call away. And we truly mean that. When you call with an emergency situation, you won’t get an answering service—you’ll get one of our doctors.

We take emergency dentistry very seriously and typically will see you the same day, whenever possible. With a team of highly experienced general dentists and a full-time oral and maxillofacial surgeon on staff, we have both the manpower and expertise to handle any emergency you or a loved one may encounter. No matter how complex. We’re an exceptionally compassionate team that understands just how scary dental emergencies can be. This is often amplified when you don’t know the reason for your pain. We’re licensed to provide IV sedation and a variety of other types of anesthesia to alleviate your pain sooner rather than later. Further, have advanced technology to minimize your discomfort during treatment. Count on us to be here for you, to make you as comfortable as possible, and to treat you with a sense of urgency.

Common Dental Emergencies

Below are just a few of the issues for which our team can provide emergency dentistry services:

Dental Emergency or Medical Emergency?

When you call us for one of the above issues, we’ll not only find a way to get you in for treatment quickly, we’ll tell you how to care for your wound or pain until we’re able to see you. The number to call for emergency care is 601-707-9912. In some cases, we’re not the first practice you should call, however, even if you have damage to your teeth.

For head and neck trauma or any kind of extensive dental trauma, dizziness or uncontrollable bleeding, call 911 or your general physician, or have someone take you to the nearest emergency room immediately. DO NOT drive yourself. A dedicated medical professional is best able to provide you with the level of care you need when you experience any of these issues!

Get the Help You Need Quickly

Never delay seeking emergency treatment!

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