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Root Canals Mean No Extractions

A “root canal” is often used to describe a dental procedure. The term is actually both the name of the treatment area and the treatment itself. These are slender channels where the living tissue—the pulp and nerves—are found inside your teeth. If a cavity extends into this area the subsequent pain can be intense. A standard filling is inadequate. Driven by advanced training and technology, our team can fix and preserve a tooth in this condition through a root canal procedure. We’ll help you enjoy life again without tooth extractions! Key Dental Group is your home for root canals in Madison and Pearl, MS.

Comfortable Root Canal Treatment

We’ll establish whether you’re a candidate for root canal treatment through an examination and imaging. If you are, we can usually restore your tooth to full health as soon as your very next visit! When you come for the actual procedure, our top priority is to make sure you’re comfortable. We achieve this through one of our sedation options, which include IV sedation, nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and more. IV sedation is our preferred method, as it enables you to sleep painlessly through treatment. Members of our staff are licensed to administer this for you.

After you’re sedated, we’ll make a small opening in the crown, remove all infected tissue, disinfect the area, then restructure the canals to make room for a special filling material. Gutta-percha is a durable filling material that we use only for root canals. To give your tooth lasting strength, we’ll usually place a new crown on it during the same visit for your convenience. Passionate about both your dental health and esthetics, we choose a crown color that complements the neighboring teeth. We’ve restored many seamless, comfortable smiles with root canals. Let us do the same for you! Contact us if you experience any symptoms.

Root Canal Symptoms

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