What Steps Are In The Procedure Process For Full Mouth Dental Implants In Madison, MS?

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People may need to get treated with full mouth dental implants in Madison, MS, for a variety of reasons. Full mouth dental implants are particularly beneficial for those who have lost most or all of their natural teeth due to decay, disease, or injury. When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they will want to go to a skilled and trusted doctor to get treated with restorative full mouth dental implants.   Unsure about what exactly happens in a full mouth dental implant procedure process? Continue reading to learn more about what the steps are in a full mouth dental implant procedure process.

The Steps That Are In The Procedure Process For Full Mouth Dental Implants In Madison, MS

While every person's smile is unique, there is a standard full mouth dental implant procedure process. Here are the specific steps taken to restore the look, function, and health of a patients smile in a full mouth dental implant procedure process.

The Consultation:

During a full mouth dental implant consultation, the knowledgeable doctor will conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth and gums, get to know the patient and their smile goals, and create a personalized full mouth dental implant treatment plan for the patients exact needs and wants.   If additional procedures, like bone grafting or tooth extractions, are needed, then those can become a part of the patient’s full mouth dental implant procedure.

The Surgical Placement Of The Full Mouth Dental Implants:

A full mouth dental implant procedure is generally performed under sedation dentistry so that the patient has a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure experience. After any of the additional procedures are performed, then the four or more dental implant posts can be strategically angled and securely placed in the patient's jawbone.   The number of dental implant posts that the patient gets treated with in this advanced procedure, depends on their specific smile needs. When the dental implant post is surgically placed in the patient's jawbone, it fuses (osseointegrates) with it and becomes a permanent part of their smile.   The securely placed dental implant posts also stimulate the patients jawbone like a natural tooth root would, giving it a healthy amount of density and volume to support their new smile. So that the patient does not have to go a single day with missing teeth, a temporary prosthesis can be attached to the dental implants on the same day as their surgery. With a temporary prosthesis, the patient will have a beautiful and functional new smile while their mouth heals.

The Placement Of The Final Restoration:

Once the patient’s mouth has fully healed from surgery, their temporary prosthesis can be replaced with a final prosthesis. The color, shape, and size of the final prosthesis is custom made to give patients an aesthetically enhanced and natural looking smile. When properly cared for and maintained, the final prosthesis can last for years to come.   With the final prosthesis securely attached to the dental implant posts with abutments, patients will have a restored new smile they can depend on. Specifically, accurately placed full mouth dental implants give patients the ability to maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and smile confidently.

How Exactly Will My Smile Benefit From A Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure?

Full mouth dental implants benefit a patient’s smile in the following ways:
  • Enhances smile aesthetics
  • Restores dental functionality
  • Long-lasting tooth replacement option
  • Preserves jawbone density and volume
  • Improves overall oral health
  • Gives patients a comfortable new smile

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