Should I Consider Getting Treated With Teeth Whitening In Pearl, MS?

a dental patient smiling at his newly whitened teeth in a hand held mirror after his tooth whitening procedure.

In order to revitalize smiles, few treatments can offer immediate benefits. When people want to efficiently and effectively whiten their teeth, they should consider getting treated with teeth whitening in Pearl, MS.

From having dull, discolored, or stained teeth, people can get treated with various types of trusted teeth whitening options so that they have a white and beautiful looking smile in as little as one in-office treatment. Continue reading to learn why people with imperfect looking teeth should consider getting treated with teeth whitening.


When Should I Consider Getting Treated With Teeth Whitening In Pearl, MS?

Many people will consider getting treated with personalized teeth whitening procedures when they have one or more discolored, yellowed, or stained looking teeth. For instance, for people whose teeth have been stained by years of drinking coffee and tea will want to get treated with teeth whitening to improve the look of their smile. The same is true for individuals whose teeth are no longer white after years or decades of normal use.

What Types Of Teeth Whitening Procedures Can I Get Treated With?

Teeth whitening procedures are not a one-size-fits-all when people go to a skilled and knowledgeable doctor. After the patient has a consultation with the doctor, it will be determined which type of teeth whitening treatment option will be the best option for their specific smile.

The three types of teeth whitening options doctors can use to whiten a patient’s teeth include Opalescence®, Zoom, and Kör®. Each one has unique attributes and benefits:


When patients get treated with Opalescence®,  a thick gel composed of hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate is placed on their imperfect looking teeth several times to give them a whiter smile in about 90 minutes. Opalescence does not make patients teeth or gums sensitive, either.


Zoom uses hydrogen peroxide and a special LED light instrument to brighten and whiten the patients smile in just one hour. Zoom doesn’t increase the patients tooth sensitivity either.


The Kör® tooth whitening treatment option uses a combination of intensive in-office treatments and a take-home bleaching kit. Refrigerated bleaching gel is applied to the patient’s teeth over the course of several short office visits. On the last office visit, the patient will be sent home with custom-fitted bleaching trays.


See Us Now So You Can Get Treated With Advanced Teeth Whitening Procedures

Forget about paying for all those over-the-counter teeth whitening products that can hurt your teeth and gums. When you come to our compassionate and knowledgeable office, we can treat you with the teeth whitening treatment option that will best restore your smile. Don’t wait to enhance the look of your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Joe Collins II, Dr. Joseph Collins III ,and our exceptional team at our Key Dental Group office to schedule an appointment today!

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