Reverse Poor Oral Hygiene with Teenage Dentistry

Peer pressure is often associated with the teen years. This is because individuals often associate risks in their lives with social success. However, these risk factors and peer pressure hazards can slowly damage your smile and set your oral health back decades. To ensure your smile can thrive for the rest of your life, exercise caution with your oral health as a teen. Several forms of oral accidents and injuries can arise as a teen. One of the most common forms of dental damage to teenagers is the result of sports. A single wrong blow to your face and jaw area can destroy your oral health. This can lead to a broken jaw, knocked-out teeth or severe lacerations and cuts. Thus, it is important to always wear the necessary safety gear if you are to be involved with any sports. Ideal forms of protection include face masks, helmets, and mouth guards. As a teen, numerous risks often arise that can put a smile at risk. This includes unhealthy habits linked to smoking, chewing tobacco and other drugs. Furthermore, the presence of lip and tongue rings have also been known to wreak havoc on a person’s smile. Always exercise caution with any risks that can arise and avoid peer pressure influences as much as possible. If you’re not careful, you can end up with serious infections, tooth loss and even cancer. If you would like to experience the sensation of a superb smile as a teenager, please stop by Key Dental Group in Madison and Pearl, Mississippi, for an oral exam from our doctors and our team. Book your appointment by calling us at 601-707-9912.

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