How Can My Back Teeth Receive Dental Sealants?

Have you noticed that your back teeth, or your molars and premolars, appear different than your other teeth not only because they are larger but also because they have ridges known as cusps? The cusps are responsible for helping you to chew and grind the food you eat so that it’s easier to digest. While they serve such an important purpose for your mouth, they are an easy location for food debris and bacteria to accumulate and cause issues such as tooth decay. Additionally, your toothbrush may have a hard time accessing the deep ridges to remove these particles. Our dentist can help you to protect your back teeth by placing dental sealants over the chewing surfaces to reduce the risk of cavities. These thin coatings of plastic create a barrier that prevents harmful substances from reaching the natural tooth enamel. After making sure a tooth is clean and dry, we roughen the surface to create abrasions by applying a mild acid solution, which helps the sealant remain strongly attached to the tooth. We then place the sealant and let it dry or speed up the process with a special light. Once in place, your sealants can provide about 10 years of use for your smile. Dental sealants are typically most effective on brand-new molars and premolars that recently appeared, making children under the age of 13 the most optimal patients to receive sealants. This is especially important because children can face a heightened risk of cavities during this time. However, anyone can be a candidate for dental sealants as long as they don’t have cavities or a high risk of tooth decay on the back teeth. To learn more about the perks of dental sealants in Madison and Pearl, Mississippi, we invite you to come see Dr. Joe Collins and our team! Contact Key Dental Group at 601-707-9912 today to arrange your visit with the dentist.

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