Healthy Foods for Your Teeth and Smile

Are you aware of your food choices for your teeth? Did you know there are foods that can improve the health of your teeth? Our dentists at Key Dental Group in Madison and Pearl, Mississippi are experts and are happy to share you with some healthy foods that benefit your smile and overall body. The foods you drink or eat plays an influential role in your oral health. Most of us understand that candy and chewing gum with high sugars can damage our teeth and produce cavities. Although, sugar-free gum can actually help improve your oral health keeping saliva active in your mouth. Have you heard that an apple is often considered nature’s toothbrush because of the excellent health benefits and texture of the food? It’s true! However, there are many vegetables like carrots and celery that can also help you too. Fresh fruits and veggies are always a healthy choice for both your body and your teeth. Many people consider dairy a healthy snack choice for your bones and teeth. Understand, dairy contains calcium. Yet, dairy also raises the pH level in your mouth which lowers the acids that generate tooth decay. Also, water is always the wisest drink to put into your body, including your smile. Water keeps your mouth from developing dry mouth and becoming a nest of bacteria that can lead to cavities, bad breath and gum disease. Your oral health is essential, which is why our team is happy to help you achieve it. If you need help with your oral health, feel free to call us at 601-707-9912 today!

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