Dentistry FAQs: TMJ Disorder Prevention and Treatments

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Caring for your TMJ properly includes making sure you are aware of all causes of TMJ disorders and the appropriate treatments that can be used. A TMJ disorder, also referred to as a temporomandibular joint disorder, occurs when damage has occurred to the complex ball and socket joints within your jaw. Frequently asked questions regarding TMJs and TMJ disorders are as follows:

Question: What is a TMJ?
A TMJ, also known as a temporomandibular joint, consists of the joints in your jaw that are designed to help move your jawbone for eating, speaking and chewing.

Question: What are some of the risk factors for TMJ disorders?
Listed below are common risk factors for TMJ disorders:
– bruxism
– biting your nails
– extremely chewy foods
– arthritis
– misalignments and dislocations with your teeth and jaw

Question: What are some of the best methods for treating TMJ disorders?
To help treat TMJ disorders the following methods can be used:
– meditative therapies such as yoga and calming music
– jaw exercises
– night guards
– bite plates
– softer foods in your diet
– stress relieving techniques

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