Before My Full Mouth Dental Implants Are Placed, Can I Get Treated With Preliminary Procedures?

a doctor holding a dental implant model as she explains the additional procedures the patient may need before they can get treated with dental implants.

Many people envision being able to qualify for full mouth dental implants right away. Yet it is very common for adults who have a full arch of missing teeth to require additional procedures before they can get successfully treated with full mouth dental implants in Madison, MS. What these additional procedures are and how they can prepare a patient’s mouth for their full mouth dental implant procedure is explained in more detail below.


Common Procedures Patients May Need Before They Get Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants In Madison, MS

While every person’s smile is unique, there are some common preliminary procedures many patients may need before they can successfully get the full mouth dental implants they need and deserve to restore the look and function of their smile. These include:

Tooth Extractions:

When people have hopelessly damaged or deteriorated teeth, then they may need those teeth extracted before their full mouth dental implants can be placed. In certain circumstances, the doctor may be able to both extract teeth and surgically place the patients full mouth dental implants in the same day.

Bone Grafting:

Jawbone density loss occurs in the areas of the jawbone where people have missing teeth. When people want to get full mouth dental implants, but they don’t have enough jawbone density to support them, they can get a bone grafting procedure to increase the density and strength of their jawbone.


Go To Our Office For Preliminary Procedures So We Can Treat You With Full Mouth Dental Implants In Madison, MS

No one likes to wait for a transformed smile. Nevertheless, undergoing additional treatments before getting full mouth dental implants can give you many benefits. When you get these additional procedures before you begin your advanced procedure, you can improve your oral health and increase the likelihood of having long term full mouth dental implant success.

To talk with one of our doctors at Key Dental Group about your full mouth dental implant procedure, you should come to our office for a consultation. If you need to have some preliminary procedures done before your full mouth dental implants are successfully placed, we can help you get them so you can successfully restore the look and function of your smile.

With full mouth dental implants, you can resume having a normal diet, speak comfortably, and you will be able to smile confidently. Don’t wait to get treated with the necessary procedures to improve your smile. Get in contact with Dr. Joe Collins II and our state-of-the-art team at our Key Dental Group office to schedule an appointment today! A new and improved smile could be yours in just a few appointments.

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