Tooth Hazard Risk Assessment

Did you know that seemingly innocuous tasks in your life could potentially be leading to severe dental damage? Several oral health risks arise from our day-to-day activities that over time could destroy your smile. If that wasn’t enough, there are also several incidents involved with poor oral health linked to immediate dental damage from risks associated with tooth hazards. Frequently asked questions about common tooth hazards include the following: Question: Can you name any everyday tooth hazards in a person’s daily life? Answer: Several risk factors in your life may be due to the products you use such as lip or tongue rings, the appliances you fail to use, such as mouth guards, or even the products that you consume, including chewing on ice. Several tooth hazard risks arise in several different forms. Thus, it is important to exercise caution with all aspects of your life. Question: What are some of the benefits of oral appliances? Answer: With oral appliances such as mouth guards in place, you can provide your mouth with an added layer of protection. Mouth guards are effective when in place during high-risk activities such as contact sports. Question: What is one of the best methods for preventing tooth hazards? Answer: One of the best methods for preventing tooth hazards consists of having tooth hazard protection plans in place beforehand. Rather than waiting for damage to occur, analyze all aspects of your life and how each activity you are involved in could potentially be putting your smile at risk. Question: How can your dentist help prevent further damage? Answer: If you are suffering from underlying conditions, you are more likely to suffer from tooth hazard risks, so visit your dentist for appropriate treatments to help protect your smile. Protective treatments may include customizable oral appliances or protection plans to lower your risk for several forms of dental damage. Don’t postpone a visit to our team at Key Dental Group to check if you are at risk for any tooth hazards. If you are in need of a dentist in Madison and Pearl, Mississippi, please call us at 601-707-9912, you can schedule an appointment with our team at our dental office.

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