Is There A Process To Get Multiple Dental Implants In Madison, MS?

a digital model of a full mouth dental implant arch.

It is much easier to picture the path to getting a brand-new smile with dental implants when people understand how the procedure process works. All world-class doctors follow very specific and safe dental implant procedure processes. These dental implant procedure processes ensure that patient’s get the outcome they expect — and the aesthetics and health they deserve.

What is the procedure process like when people get treated with multiple dental implants in Madison, MS? Below are the steps patients can expect when they get treated with multiple dental implants.


What Does The Procedure Process Look Like For Multiple Dental Implants In Madison, MS?

While no two smiles are exactly the same, there is a standard procedure process when people get their missing teeth replaced with multiple dental implants. Here is what the procedure process looks like for a multiple dental implant procedure.

1. The Initial Multiple Dental Implant Consultation And Evaluation

All dental implant treatments, including a multiple dental implant treatment, begins with a thorough evaluation. During the evaluation, the doctor takes x-rays and CBCT scans, as well as reviews the patient’s dental history and future goals.

What is the doctor looking for during this visit? There are two main purposes. The first is to establish if the patient is a candidate for multiple dental implant placements. Most adults with missing or failing teeth are, or can be, candidates for multiple dental implants with additional procedures like tooth extractions and bone grafting.

The second is for the doctor to take digital images of the patient’s oral structures. These digital images will help the doctor design a customized surgical guide that will be used to determine exactly where and how deep to place the implant posts during the multiple dental implant surgery. This initial consultation is an ideal opportunity for patients to ask questions and to share any thoughts they have about transforming their smile with multiple dental implants.

2. Multiple Dental Implant Pre-Surgery Planning

After the first dental visit, the doctor will put a surgical plan in place for the patient’s customized multiple dental implant procedure process. The leading-edge doctor will use the latest technological equipment and software to help during this stage.

3. Getting Multiple Dental Implants Placed

On the day the multiple dental implant posts get surgically placed, patients will arrive at the office and get treated with sedation dentistry, so they have an anxiety-free procedure process.

If patients require extra procedures, such as tooth extractions and bone grafting, the doctor will begin with those procedures. After the additional procedures are performed, the doctor will then strategically and securely place each dental implant post into the jawbone with the help of the custom designed surgical guide.

To give the patient a completely new smile on the same day as their multiple dental implant surgery, the doctor will attach a temporary prosthesis to the dental implant posts. The temporary prosthesis will give the patient instant aesthetic and functional abilities.

4. The Final Prosthesis For A Multiple Dental Implant Procedure

After the multiple dental implant post sites have healed, the temporary prosthesis will be removed and replaced with a final one. With multiple dental implants, patients will be able to chew, bite, speak, and smile with ease and comfort for years to come.


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