By Getting Dental Implants, Can I Avoid Jawbone Resorption?

An image of Dentist pointing at a jawbone model to a dental patient

When people have one or more missing teeth that are left untreated, several issues can affect their oral and even overall health. One key issue that comes with having missing teeth is jawbone tissue loss and resorption. Jawbone loss and resorption can lead people to have a sunken in appearance in their face and jaw area. Additionally, having missing teeth is linked with increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease and even memory loss.

Fortunately, when people replace their missing teeth with dental implants in Pearl, MS, they can remedy their tooth loss issues. With dental implants, patients can avoid experiencing jawbone resorption and achieve a great new smile!


How Do Dental Implants In Pearl, MS Keep Jawbone Tissue Healthy And Dense?

Having missing teeth in the jawbone results in a lack of stimulation and blood flow to the affected areas. This leads to no nutrients getting to the jawbone, causing the jaw to reabsorb the bone tissue. This can cause the face to appear sunken-in or shriveled and it can create the look of an aged individual.

Dental implants are a revolutionary way to keep a patient’s jawbone tissue stimulated with the nutrients necessary to keep it dense and healthy. When people go to get treated with restorative dental implants, the procedure process will include:


A Consultation:

A thorough assessment of their oral health, with digital imaging, for a customized procedure.

Accurate Implant Placements With Advanced Technology:

Advanced technology can be used to accurately place the patients customized dental implants to ensure they are securely and permanently placed in their mouth.

Restored Jawbone Health:

The precise placement of the patient’s dental implants will ensure their jawbone tissue is saved, strengthened, and provided with essential nutrients to remain healthy and strong.


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