In House Dental Savings Program (DSP)


At Key Dental Group we are always looking for ways to improve the care of our patients.  We are excited to introduce you to our new Dental Health Savings Program.  This is an in-office dental savings program we are offering to our patients without dental insurance.  This is not an insurance plan and we believe this is a great benefit to our uninsured patients.  

With this plan patients will pay an annual fee and during the next 12 months they will receive the following: 

  • 2 preventive care cleanings 
  • 2 fluoride treatments 
  • 1 set Bitewing x-ray 
  • Unlimited periodical x-rays
  • Up to 15% off other in-office dental procedures

There is no annual maximum, no waiting period, and no approval needed to receive the dental work.

Please call our office at 601-856-5227 and we will be happy to schedule your next appointment and during that appointment our financial coordinator can discuss this new program with you.